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Below here you will see a table with all the interviews and the links to download the videos. The download links will appear once the interview has been released.

Released Interviews
Speaker Interview Title Date Download Link
Dr David Prologo Interview Monday, October 24th Download
Dr. Deborah Matthew Interview Tuesday, October 25th Download
Jane Barlow Interview Wednesday, October 26th Download
Shana Hussin Interview Thursday, October 27th Download
DR. BAL PAWA Interview Friday, October 28th Download
Louise Sanders Interview Saturday, October 29th Download
CHRISTINA WILTON Interview Sunday, October 30th Download
Dr Brooke Goldner  Interview Monday, October 31st Download
Dr. Farah Sultan Interview Tuesday, November 1st Download
Dr. William Li Interview Wednesday, November 2nd Download
Dr. Sonya Jensen Interview Thursday, November 3rd Download
Deb Rademacher Interview Friday, November 4th Download
Debra Atkinson Interview Saturday, November 5th Download

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